Bright interval in the agricultural picture

Bright interval in the agricultural picture

Speaking at the press conference ahead of the Conference on Promoting Enterprise Investment in Agriculture, opened on July 30 in Lam Dong, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Vu Dai Thang said that by the end of the second quarter 2018, the whole country there are nearly 50,000 enterprises investing in agriculture, accounting for 8% of all enterprises operating in the country, but creating more than 4.5 million jobs, accounting for 32.5% total employment of the whole business.

The data above reflects the importance of this field. With a large workforce, only a breakthrough policy is promulgated that could create a new growth engine for the economy” Mr.Thang said. 

Over the past two years, the agricultural sector has been turning positive. This is evidenced by the Vietnam becoming a major exporter of agricultural products in the world with tens of billions of dollars in export turnover each year. In particular, the key commodities such as seafood, cashew nuts, coffee, rice, pepper ... continuously achieved impressive growth.

In 2017, the growth rate of agriculture reached 2.9%. In the first six months of this year, the sector posted a 3.9% growth rate, the highest in 10 years. According to Vice Minister Vu Dai Thang, this result is largely due to changes in mechanisms and policies, especially the interest of ministries, sectors and sectors in agriculture.

In order to continue to create motivation for farmers and encourage enterprises to invest in this key area; at the beginning of the year, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment to assume the prime responsibility for coordinating and setting the overall plan to organize the conference.

The conference is an opportunity for the Government and ministries, sectors, localities, enterprises in the agricultural sector and industry associations to review and evaluate the investment in agriculture. The conference summarized the achievements; point out the shortcomings, causes and suggestions, solutions to promote investment in agriculture more effective in the new age.

In the spirit of openness, the most honest, the conference has exchanged most of the relevant content, from the particular array of industries, to the difficulties of enterprises such as land accumulation; application, transfer of technology;

Will cut 50% of administrative procedures

Deputy Minister Vu Dai Thang said that in the field of agriculture is no longer limited to the market entry of enterprises. Is the only problem with the business in this field is veterinary control, epidemic of plants or animal breeds. However, this is a problem that every country has to control, which is necessary business conditions, cannot be dropped.

"With Decree No. 57/2018 / ND-CP on policies to encourage enterprises to invest in agriculture, I affirm that the business environment for agribusiness has become more open with many incentive mechanisms and policies, additional investment support from the State, "said Deputy Minister Vu Dai Thang.

“The Department has proposed the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to reduce administrative procedures. Next time, we can cut 40-50% of administrative procedures in this field” Mr. Hung said.

At the inaugural conference, the Ministry of Planning and Investment proposed adding much needed content that is the proposal for insurance companies to participate in agricultural product insurance activities to reduce risks for businesses.

"With this proposal, the Ministry of Planning and Investment hopes enterprises will have more options to share the risks caused by natural disasters and diseases, thereby making the sector more attractive in the eyes of investors, "said Deputy Minister Vu Dai Thang.

After the conference, with issues that can be resolved immediately, the Prime Minister will issue instructions. In conjunction with that, the conference will issue a groundbreaking resolution to promote further involvement of businesses in this area.

Anh Trung