Thai Binh Strives to Attract Investment Capital of VND 5000 billion in Industrial Parks and Economic Zones

Thai Binh Strives to Attract Investment Capital of VND 5000 billion in Industrial Parks and Economic Zones

In 2018, the Thai Binh Management Board of economic zones and industrial parks aims to attract VND 5000 billion of investment capital in economic zones and industrial parks, of which industrial production value increase by 20%, export value increase by 17% and paying the state budget will increase by 10%.

Investment in Vietnam - In the year 2017, there were 43 newly licensed projects, adjusted investment decision and investment registration certificate in Thai Binh Industrial Park, increasing by VND5,274.27 billion. Enterprises in the industrial zones in the province created jobs for more than 59,000 people with an average income of 4.8 million per month and the number of employees participating in social insurance reached 86%. By the end of 2017, there will be 172 valid investment projects in industrial zones, basically implemented in accordance with the target and schedule. In order to effectively implement the targets set in 2018, the Management Board of Thai Binh Economic Zone and Industrial Zones has set out the following key tasks and solutions:

Finalizing and submitting to the provincial People's Committee for approval of the regulations of operation and coordination with state management in economic zones and industrial parks.

To complete the planning of the economic zone, the zone division planning for the construction of the Thuy Truong and Xuan Hai industrial zone and agricultural industrial zones, to implement to divide zones and functional areas of Thai Binh economic zone.

To continue reviewing, adjusting and supplementing the planning of industrial zones to meet development requirements.

At the same time in 2018, the management board of economic zones and industrial parks should focus on accelerating the implementation of administrative reform, advertising and promoting investment attraction, advising on proposing mechanisms and policies for the province, raising the efficiency of state management as well as concentrating all resources on investment in the construction of industrial parks and economic zones, fulfilling the objectives and plans set out and continue to do good work of environmental protection, fire prevention.