Why FDI Company

Our mission

Our mission is to guide investors through the process of investment in Vietnam. We provide investors with industry reports, analysis and continuous support so that the project can be put into operation in the fastest manner.

Our people

With the team of more than 20 consultants who come from different institutes and well-known law firms, with extensive knowledge and experiences in various fields, we are always ready to accompany our dear customers along the way to success.

Our services

Unlike other law firms whose services are only restricted in legal consultancy, we provide all services and supports necessary to the investors, including scheduling meeting with ministerial agencies, provincial committees and departments, working on behalf of investors and providing human resources so that the project can be approved and implemented in accordance with Vietnam laws and regulations in the fastest manner.


We always implement transparency policies as it is important for reducing costs and risks for both investors and ours. We are aware that when investors have easy access to information, rapid implementation of administrative procedures and anticipation of policy changes, they will be ready to invest more and long-term in Vietnam.

Core Values

Our company, consultants and project work are defined by six core values, which form an integral part of our identity and operations:

Clients first! Our members are dedicated to doing what is always in client’s best interest. In fact, it is our commitment creed.

Trust, integrity and commitment: FDI Company is a truly objective investment consulting company that is based on trust, integrity, and commitment. We build trust with our clients by delivering on our commitments.

Responsibility and accountability: Every member at FDI Company is held responsible and accountable for their decisions. We take pride in, and stand behind our commitment to our clients.

Honesty and Objectivity: We approach our work in an objective, scientific way. We do not alter our research or analysis to suit non-transparent objectives.

Value Creation: We exist to create value. Our consultancy interventions lead to a real benefit for our clients. We honor our commitments.

Ethics: We work in an ethical and transparent manner. We work fairly with clients, and never compromise client data or information.

Our partners

Investment projects will not be effectively delivered if we lack our linkages and cooperation with ministerial departments, agencies as well as provincial committees. We are proud to be strongly supported by these departments and provincial authorities across the country thanks to our long-time cooperation and working. Major departments and agencies that should be named here are: Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Constructions,… and other Institutes and related organizations.

For partners: FDI Company always creates stable business results and brings optimal benefits to partners.

Our clients

We guide, consult and support companies and corporations of various fields. Therefore, our clients are of all sectors, from energy, real estate to agriculture, infrastructure, production, waste water treatment,… Currently, our significant client is Sinenergy Holdings Pte Ltd, which is implementing a solar power project of more than USD 400 billion and it will be completed in the next two years.

For clients: With strong experiences and dedication, FDI Company is committed to delivering effective projects and best customer service.