Vietnam Attracts Foreign Investors

Vietnam Attracts Foreign Investors

Vietnam is always an attractive destination for foreign investors, including Japanese investors. But in order to turn it come true, the efforts of both Vietnamese and Japanese businesses are needed.

Investment in Vietnam - According to Hironobu Kitagawa, Head of JETRO Office in Hanoi, about 1,700 Japanese businesses are investing in Vietnam, many of which are new to Vietnam. The assessment of Japanese investors shows that the investment environment of Vietnam is not "standard" as in Japan or some other investment countries, the risk ratio in the investment environment of Vietnam often pushed up. This is also a challenge that Vietnam needs to recognize for further improvement in the coming time.

Jetro's survey shows that up to 70% of Japanese businesses investing in Vietnam plan to expand their businesses and continue to see Vietnam as an important investment destination. About 88% of businesses think that the main reason for expanding business is to increase sales. In the non-manufacturing industry, about 58% of businesses claim that the main reason is the ability to grow and high potential.

According to Jetro, Vietnam has long become an attractive destination for Japanese investors, which is considered one of the most attractive markets in the region, surpassing both Indonesia and Thailand. Japanese companies tend to build their branches and factories in Vietnam, and Japanese companies even take the initiative in finding partners and linking with Vietnamese companies. According to Hironobu Kitagawa, in the fourth wave of the technological revolution, new investment opportunities between Vietnam and Japan will emerge in the near future and this will bring benefits to both countries.


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