The Northwest Has Overcome Difficulties to Restructure Agriculture

The Northwest Has Overcome Difficulties to Restructure Agriculture

The Northwest agriculture sector is restructuring production, step by step to bring about positive results in production for the people.

Investment in Vietnam - Northwest has a total area of about 10 million hectares, accounting for 30% of the natural area of the country with 12 million people mainly ethnic minorities. Along with that, 80% of the hills and mountains in the Northwest have a very steep slope, poor infrastructure, low intellectual standards and human resources. These are the main obstacles to economic development of the whole region, including agro-forestry economy. Overcoming these challenges, the Northwest agricultural sector is restructuring its production step by step to produce positive effects in production for the people.

Mr. Hoang Xuan Long, Head of the Northwest Steering Committee, said that the project "Restructuring the Northwest agriculture towards added value and sustainable development" of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, has contributed to the implementation of the Master Plan for Economic Restructuring in association with the transformation of the growth model in the direction of enhancing quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the 2013-2020 period.

Based on this orientation, sub-sectors of agriculture such as agriculture, livestock, fisheries, forestry and irrigation, will develop action plans for restructuring of sub-sectors from 2014 to 2020. Together with that, provinces in the region have also developed and implemented the projects under this policy.

The reality is that after restructuring the agricultural sector of each province, each of area has its own way to match the potential strength, bringing economic efficiency in agricultural production for the people.

However, the rate of agro-forestry economic development has not met with its potential and has not created a breakthrough. One of the main causes is that the North West always faces the abnormal changes of natural disaster and climate with the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme phenomena such as landslide, floods, cold rain, drought, frost ...Areas of specialized production of commodities in general are small, scattered. Forms of organization, link in production are not developed. Particularly, the number of enterprises investing in agriculture is very modest, especially those related to agricultural product processing or the application of science and technology in animal husbandry and cultivation.


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