South Korea Leads in Foreign Investment into Vietnam

South Korea Leads in Foreign Investment into Vietnam

In addition to the investment amount of US$ 57 billion since 1992, in the last four years, Korea has invested US$ 8 billion a year. Only in the past 11 months, Korea has reached US$ 8 billion.

Investment in Vietnam - Speaking at the talkshow "Looking back on 25 years of Vietnam and South Korea economic relations" organized by the Vietnam Economic Times, Nguyen Phu Binh, deputy editor, said that “In the past 25 years, Vietnam - South Korea Trade has made great strides from just US$ 500 million in first years to US$ 60 billion today, 120 times higher than in 1992. It is projected to increase to US$ 70 billion by 2018 and US$ 100 billion by 2020.

South Korea is currently the leading country in foreign investment in Vietnam. At the same time, Korea also brings high technology into Vietnam. Typically, Samsung has set up a research and development center and has a great impact on the development of Vietnam's science and technology.

On Vietnam's foreign investment opportunity, Toan emphasized that the agricultural sector had a lot of potential.

Some foreign investors, particularly in Asia such as South Korea and Japan, still feel hesitant, even though they see opportunities in agriculture. Because of this, the Government is currently working to change some agricultural policies to encourage investment such as land policy, technology application.

In addition, Vietnam's participation in the global value supply chain is limited, so it is also a good chance for foreign businesses to invest in Vietnam.


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