South Korea Invested More Than $ 50 Billion in Vietnam

South Korea Invested More Than $ 50 Billion in Vietnam

Korea is currently the largest investor in Vietnam with a total investment of $ 55.8 billion.

Sharing at "Vietnam-Korea Economy Cooperation-Trade Forum" Kim Jaehong, Chairman of Kotra Korea said that the volume of trade between the two countries in the first three quarters reached $ 47.2 billion and the whole year of 2017, this figure may exceed $ 50 billion.

At present, the trend of Korean enterprises investing in Vietnam is extremely large among ASEAN countries. Moreover, South Korea has been the largest investor in Vietnam with total investment capital of $ 55.8 billion.

Forecasting on the potential of cooperation between the two countries, Kim Jaehong said, "Recently, many South Korean companies are interested in M & A in Vietnam. Therefore, the two countries can cooperate well through M & A. Through M & A, the two sides can cooperate in technology transfer and joint venture investment, especially when South Korea cooperates with Vietnam, the two countries can penetrate into other markets. He also expects the two countries to cooperate in supporting industries, services and education”.

According to Mr. Dang Xuan Minh, representative of M & A Forum Vietnam, Samsung's investment, involved in the development of many companies, suppliers, supporters of Vietnam. Many researchers assess Korea's M & A activity with Vietnam in the near future will rise according to the growth of direct investment.

Mr. Minh said that the most promising areas were retails, real estate and equitization of state-owned enterprises and divestment. In the field of real estate, South Korea has a number of big deals in Vietnam such as the sale of Kangnam building and Hanoi-Deawoo hotel, and in the south many Korean investors have bought the medium commercial centers or buildings.

Mr. Minh said that in the past time, Vietnam has relaxed the rules on the limit of ownership of foreign investors. Therefore, the opportunity for Korean investors to equitize SOEs is not small.

Source: VietnamNet

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