Quang Tri: Many Solutions to Improve Efficiency of Attracting Investors in Industrial Zones, EZs

Quang Tri: Many Solutions to Improve Efficiency of Attracting Investors in Industrial Zones, EZs

Up to now, Quang Tri Economic Zones (EZ) and Industrial parks have attracted 134 investment projects with a total investment capital of VND 20,250 billion, of which 89 projects have gone into operation with total investment capital of VND8,105 billion, 45 projects are under construction.

Investment in Vietnam -  In 2017 only, there were 7 new investment projects approved by the EZ Management Board and submitted to the provincial People's Committee for issue of the investment policy decision with a total registered capital of VND236.023 billion in land area of 16.6 hectares.

In 2017, enterprises investing in IZs and EZs continue to make great efforts in production and business activities, contributing to the budget and creating jobs, which has increased compared to the previous year.

The industrial production value in 2017 is estimated at over VND4,000 billion (up 12% against 2016 and 110% of the plan), accounting for 35-40% of the total industrial production value of the province. It is estimated at over VND350 billion (an increase of 16% compared to 2016 and 106% of the plan in 2017), creating stable employment for about 5,200 laborers, with an average income of VND5.5 million per person per month.

Some companies continue to invest and expand such as Binh Dien Joint Stock Company, Viet Thai Chaichareon Co. Ltd; The project of Veneer production plant and Kim Long furniture goods in Quan Ngang Industrial Park.

In the Lao Bao Special Economic - Commercial Area, despite difficulties due to changing policies, many enterprises have actively overcome and sought new directions in order to maintain stable operation.

The investment projects completed and put into operation have continued to create more jobs, increase budget revenue, create new changes, improve the efficiency of investment in industrial zones and EZ as well as general socio-economic development of the province.

In order to improve the efficiency of attracting investors, Quang Tri EZ Management Board has implemented many practical solutions, namely: Continuing promotion activities and investment attraction in industrial zones , economic zones; To provide information

and support to investors who wish to study and invest in IZs and EZs; To well reform administrative procedures and improve the investment environment; To create all favorable conditions for investors and enterprises to carry out the registered projects; To coordinate with all levels and branches in creating quality human resources in the locality, providing enterprises with good labor support and so on. The province strives in 2018 to have 08-10 projects granted the investment policy decision, 02 - 03 projects of starting construction and paying 2018 budget and create more jobs, stable income for employees. 


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