FDI: Construction will be a hot growth industry in 2018

FDI: Construction will be a hot growth industry in 2018

With US$ 12.8 billion achieved in 2017, the construction industry in Vietnam will continue to grow hot in 2018, according to experts and businesses.

Investment in Vietnam - Mr. Dinh The Hien, a financial and real estate expert, said that the evidences such as good macroeconomic signals, foreign investment flows, and the development of the real estate market could predict that the construction sector will be high growth this year.

Accordingly, the construction industry will continue to be the leading growth industry in more than past 10 years.

Construction revenue continuously grew in 2007 from US$ 1.2 billion to US$ 12.8 billion in 2017.

Commenting on the Talk show "The potential for development of Vietnam's construction sector in 2018" held by Thanh Nien Newspaper on January 2, 2018, Mr. Hien said that the foreign direct investment capital in Vietnam will make up for problems and create conditions for the construction industry to develop.

Both FDI and merger and acquisition deals took place strongly into real estate by the end of 2017. Tourism resorts will be the bomb for the construction industry this year, "even beyond 2017” He said.

Mr. Su Ngoc Khuong, Investment Director of Savills Company said that the period 2018-2020 is a great opportunity for the group of civil engineering companies. Capital mobilization of construction and real estate from foreign countries or the stock market will pour into the construction industry to create rapid growth in the future.

Le Viet Hai, General Director of Hoa Binh Construction Group, said that local companies in Vietnam have mastered the market.


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