Dong Nai: A great Victory in Investment Attraction

Dong Nai: A great Victory in Investment Attraction

In 2017, Dong Nai will continue succeeding in attracting domestic investment and foreign direct investment (FDI) with many big investment projects and fast-deploying projects.

Investment in Vietnam - Domestic investment with many large-scale projects

According to the Department of Planning and Investment, the province has attracted about 83 domestic investment projects in 2017. Of which, 69 new projects has been newly licensed with a total registered capital of more than VND24.5 trillion and 14 projects adjusted to increase capital of over VND3.7 trillion. Thus, domestic investment attraction in Dong Nai in 2017 reached more than VND28.3 trillion, up 2.5 times compared with the year plan.

Most domestic investment projects focus on real estate, infrastructure and industry. Specifically, the service center in Hiep Phuoc commune and Long Tho commune (Nhon Trach district) registered capital of nearly VND 5 trillion. The next is residential area project combining with commercial services, high-rise housing and resettlement in Buu Long ward (Bien Hoa city) has a total registered capital of over VND834 billion. Clean chicken breeding project in Xuan Hoa commune (Xuan Loc district) registered VND376 billion capital and so on.

Besides, the province has been careful in attracting investment, only inviting projects with modern technology, friendly with environment, high technology, supporting industries, infrastructure, Commerce and services. Projects with high pollution risks and excessive use of unskilled labor will be denied.

FDI increased by 82% compared to the plan

Total newly registered FDI capital and capital increase in 12 months of 2017 reached US$1.82 billion, up 82% compared with the plan in 2017. Of which, 83 new projects were newly licensed with total capital of US$ 1 billion; 115 projects adjusted capital with a total capital increase of US$ 805 million. Up to now, Dong Nai has 1,746 FDI projects with total investment of US$31.8 billion, 1,306 valid projects (US$ 26.9 billion). 440 projects recovered with a total capital of US$ 4.9 billion. Foreign direct investment projects came from 45 countries and territories, 3 countries and regions led by Korea, Japan and Taiwan respectively.

The projects in Dong Nai province are in line with the province's policy of attracting investment, which is selective in favor of projects tied with hi-tech, skilled labor and industrial production, friendly environment.


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