Da Nang Attracts Nearly US$ 112 Million in FDI in 2017

Da Nang Attracts Nearly US$ 112 Million in FDI in 2017

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has played an important role in the economy of Da Nang. In 2018, the city continues to promote FDI attraction activities.

Investment in Vietnam - The year of APEC 2017 went through, closed a successful year of the investment promotion and support of Da Nang city. US$ 111.9 million was the total FDI capital attracted of the province last year, an increase of 6.5 times compared to 2016, Nguyen Ky Anh, Deputy Director of the Danang IPA, said.

Of which, there are 16 projects registered in industrial zones (IPs) with a total capital of US$ 24.341 million; 86 projects registered outside the IZ with total capital of US$ 65.5 million; One project registered to operate in the Hi-Tech Park with total investment capital of US$ 28.527 million; 6 projects increased capital with a total capital increase of US$938.566.

Up to now, the city has 546 FDI projects with total investment capital of more than US$ 3 billion in various fields.

Investors from Singapore ranked first in the investment ranking in Da Nang with a total registered capital of US$ 829.05 million - accounting for 27.62%; The second place is Japan with US$629.48 million - accounting for 20.73%; The U.S. ranked third with US$ 518.83 million - accounting for 17.08%, followed by Korean investors with US$ 253.09 million - accounting for 8.3%.

In 2018, the Standing Committee of Danang Party Committee selected the theme: investment attraction year. Deputy Director of Da Nang IPA, said that to further promote the attraction, Da Nang will continue to organize large-scale promotional activities, media and seminars. Da Nang IPA also determined that embassies and international trade and investment promotion organizations in Vietnam are important links in the calling strategy and investment attraction. Through the introduction as well as the information provided by these agencies, the city will approach potential investors to promote investment decisions that include large corporations, multinational companies and enterprises which have the need to seek and expand business abroad.


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