Attracting Foreign Investment: A Highlight of the Vietnamese Economy

Attracting Foreign Investment: A Highlight of the Vietnamese Economy

One prominent feature of Vietnam's economic picture is the attraction of foreign direct investment (FDI). In the past 11 months, the total registered FDI has reached US$ 33.09 billion.

Investment in Vietnam - Recently, Do Nhat Hoang, director of the Foreign Investment Department (the Ministry of Planning and Investment), said that FDI inflows tended to increase sharply and that this year could reach over US$ 35 billion, the highest level in 10 years. In particular, the implemented capital is estimated at US$ 17 billion, the highest ever.

Increase both quantity and quality

In 2016, the total registered FDI capital increased by 7.1% compared to 2015, reaching over US$ 24.3 billion. With the number of over US$ 33 billion, total FDI in the first 11 months of 2017 has increased by 82% over the same period. The capital disbursement in 11 months reached over US$ 16 billion, up 11%. The Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) said that with FDI disbursed in Vietnam over the years at the high level reflects that Vietnam remains an attractive investment destination in the region, especially when Vietnam participates in a series of bilateral and multilateral trade agreement.

Continue to be an attractive investment destination in 2018

Foreign investors are very optimistic about Vietnam's economic prospects and are promoting the expansion of production and business activities in Vietnam. Nearly half of foreign investors in Vietnam (47%) plan to increase their investments in Vietnam in the next 12 months. "Vietnam is not only considered as a fast consumption market with young population but also as a regional production center thanks to competitive labor cost advantage, political and macroeconomic stability as well as strong commitments of the Government.

According to Prof. Nguyen Mai - Chairman of the Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises, with wave of investment of FDI enterprises, business opportunities are open to both Vietnamese and FDI enterprises. To be able to make good use, Vietnamese enterprises need to apply science and technology in the field of production and business to create sustainable competitive advantage, actively participate in the supply chain of FDI enterprises, stabilize the quality, build strong brand and sustainable corporate.


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