Approximately VND14 Trillion Invested in Projects in Nghe An

Approximately VND14 Trillion Invested in Projects in Nghe An

In 2017, Nghe An has successfully attracted 152 projects registered for investment in all fields with a total capital of nearly 14 trillion dong.

Investment in Vietnam - Many projects with the capital of trillions of VND have been invested, contributed to create a new socio-economic look for the locality. For example, projects of Vingroup Group, Masan, FLC; Hoa Sen Factory, Song Lam Cement Plant; VSIP Nghe An industrial zone, urban infrastructure and services, Hemaraj Group's infrastructure investment project from Thailand, Nghi Thiet Cement Grinding Station; The Vinpearl Cua Hoi Resort, Vinh City urban project (WB)... promise to generate big local budget revenue in the future.

In the past year, Nghe An also promoted investment promotion by directly meeting and negotiating with major economic groups in ASEAN, Australia, Asia such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea. , Japan, Australia ..., the initial effectiveness of the bilateral negotiations has provided a bright spot for Nghe An receive concern, support in the world and creating a momentum for attracting FDI into investment.

In addition to meeting with partners of big economic groups in the region and in the world, Nghe An also maintains friendly and cooperative relations with provinces and cities of the following countries

In 2017, for the first time, Nghe An was marked by achieving and exceeding 27/27 socio-economic targets, of which the economic growth rate was 8.25%, higher than the rate growth of 3 recent years.

Budget revenue of Nghe An in 2017 also reached over VND12 trillion, up 9.3% over the same period


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