A Huge Wave of Investment from Korea to Vietnam is beginning

A Huge Wave of Investment from Korea to Vietnam is beginning

According to the statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, trade deal between Vietnam and Korea reached US$ 47.2 billion and it is expected that this figure will exceed US$ 50 billion in 2017, 100 times as high as than the scale of 1992. (Vietnam, South Korea, Mergers, Enterprises, acquisition)

South Korea 'generously' pours money into Vietnam

In recent years, the trade and investment relations between Korea and Vietnam have developed quite strongly, especially after the Vietnam - Korea Free Trade Area (VKFTA) officially came into effect in December 2015.
On the evidence of this that in the first nine months of 2017, South Korea's two-way trade turnover reached $ 45.2 billion, up nearly 87 times in the past 20 years. Korea has overtaken China as Vietnam's largest import market.
Currently, South Korea is Vietnam's third largest trading partner. At the same time, Vietnam is Korea's fourth largest trading partner. In terms of investment, Korea has overtaken Japan as the largest foreign investor in Vietnam since November 2014 and has maintained its position with 6324 projects, total registered capital of US$ 55,8 billion ( up to 20/9/2017).
In the past nine months, 108 countries and territories have invested in Vietnam. South Korea ranks first with a total investment of 6.31 billion USD, accounting for 24.7% of total investment.
Mr. Kim Jaehong, President of the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Kotra), said that over the past 25 years, Vietnam and Korea had strengthened their cooperation in many economic fields and gained many substantial achievements. Trade volume between the two countries in the first three quarters reached $ 47.2 billion and in 2017 this figure may exceed $ 50 billion, more than 100 times of the size of 1992.
"Recently, many Korean businesses are interested in M & A with Vietnam. Therefore, the two countries can cooperate well through M & A. Through M & A the two sides can cooperate in technology transfer and joint venture investment, especially when Korea cooperates with Vietnam, the two countries can penetrate into other countries, "said Kim Jaehong. .
For the first time, a group of famous Korean universities will come to Vietnam including: SunChon National University, Chosun University, Jeonju University, Chungbuk University National University, Korea National University of Transportation, Hannam University, Hoseo University.
Dang Xuan Minh, co-founder and managing director of Vietnam M & A Forum, said that many Korean investors are coming to Vietnam with the aim of acquiring Vietnamese companies to develop market share of 95 million people.
The attractiveness of the Vietnamese retail market is being witnessed by many South Korean companies moving into Vietnam, such as Lotte and Shinsegae.
For the opportunity to meet, exchange business cooperation, promote trade development, Vinexad company will hold 15th Vietnam International Trade Fair (Vietnam Expo 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City) taking place from date 6 to 9 of December at Saigon Conference and Exhibition Center. 
It can be seen that Korean businesses appear ubiquitously in the Vietnamese market as a clear signal for an enomous wave of Korean investment into Vietnam.

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