Nghi Son Economic Zone and Industrial Zones Received 66 new Investment Projects

Nghi Son Economic Zone and Industrial Zones Received 66 new Investment Projects

Last year, the Management Board of Nghi Son Economic Zone (IZ) and Industrial Zones (IZs) cooperated with relevant departments and agencies to advise the provincial People's Committee on holding Investment Promotion Conference abroad and in Thanh Hoa province at the national level.

Investment in Vietnam - Management Board has also received and worked with more than 70 delegations of domestic and international investors to learn about investment opportunities in the Economic Zones and Industrial Zones. At the same time, signing memorandum of investment with big corporations, such as: Hyosung, Heidelberg, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Ecotech, etc; Guiding to file and issue investment licenses for 66 projects (59 domestic investment, 7 foreign investment), completely extending investment procedures for 31 projects.

During the year, the Nghi Son Economic Zones attracted 23 domestic investment projects and 4 foreign investment projects, total registered capital was VND 4,986 billion and more than US$ 2.99 billion; 2 domestic invested projects and one foreign project were adjusted to increase capital up to VND 24 billion and US$ 0.5 million in total. Up to now, The Nghi Son economic zone has 157 domestic investment projects and 17 foreign ones, with registered capital of VND 96, 307 billion and US$12.836 billion. Implemented capital was VND 44,387 billion and US$ 8,975 billion. The IZs attracted 36 new domestic investment projects and 3 foreign investment projects with total registered capital of VND 3,681 billion and US$ 7 million, increased capital for two foreign investment projects of US$ 1.15 million and recovered 6 investment projects.