Investment Attraction from New City, Binh Duong

Investment Attraction from New City, Binh Duong

With 6 industrial parks around, over the past few years New City, Binh Duong has become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investment flows. Particularly, foreign direct investment (FDI) is constantly poured into these IZs, creating important resources for the socio-economic development of the province.

Attracting large investors

Since the province of Binh Duong has put the first bricks to build a new city, the investment promotion to invite investors to do business here has been accelerated. With complete infrastructure, continuously administrative reform of the local authorities, It created favorable conditions for businesses, investors to proceed to pour their capital into Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Parks (VSIP) II, Song Than II, Dai Dang. A series of large projects have been invested here; Many investors who already had projects here requested adjustment of capital increase to large investment scale.

In the beginning of October 2017, the packaging factory of Tetra Pak Group (Sweden), a unit providing the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions, with the scale of capital up to 110 USD was started construction in VSIP II Industrial Park. Tetra Pak will produce many types of high technology paper packaging used imported materials. AS expected, the plant will be operational in early 2019. The plant is capable of expanding capacity up to 20 billion packages per year.

Besides, there are a number of projects worth up to tens of millions of dollars in industrial zones around Binh Duong New City such as Kymco Vietnam, Budsweser Brewery, Omron Group ... Not only successfully attracting industrial projects, Binh Duong New City has also attracted investment capital in the field of real estate, information technology, transportation and transport. In this figures, the Sora Garden project of Becamex Tokyu Company with investment capital up to $ 1.2 billion is most notably. This is a multi-purpose apartment complex and commercial center in Japanese style, built in November 2012. Tokyu Corporation is investing in many industries, but its highlight is developing urban areas in Japan and some countries in the world. Upon arrival in Vietnam, the group selected Binh Duong because of the great prospects of the real estate market, as well as the development orientation of Binh Duong New City.

Prepare a clean land fund for investors

FDI capital has been put into the motion, contributing to Binh Duong's economic restructuring and labor structure, enhancing industrial production capacity, expanding markets and promoting integration; It is a level to help the domestic enterprises to improve their capabilities and competitiveness in order to adapt in the context of globalization ... In addition to the economic impact, FDI also positively affects many aspects of society, improving living standards in the community, contributing to increase the GDP of the province annually.

Over the past years, Binh Duong has implemented many solutions to attract investment in the province, especially in Binh Duong New City. The powerful FDI attraction also leads to the synchronous development of technical and social infrastructure, better and better supply of services in order to best serve the activities of attracting investment and production and business activities of enterprises, reform of administrative procedures to create favorable conditions and conditions to attract investment ... Over time, these synchronous solutions have been implemented effectively by Binh Duong, thereby contributing to the improvement of the investment environment transparently and openly; Binh Duong has become one of the provinces with the best investment environment in the country.

Along with the process of changing the socio-economic aspects of the whole province, Binh Duong New City is also every hour, every day and put on its vigorous vitality to become a civilized and modern urban area, a contribution to turn Thu Dau Mot into a modern, civilized city.

In order to attract more FDI into the new city in particular, in Binh Duong province in general, in the coming time, the province will continue building synchronous infrastructure system, especially the industrial zones that are completely planned , preparing a large clean land fund ready to meet the needs of investors deploying the project. Binh Duong also attaches great importance to training human resources of high quality, raising the level of services to serve investors; focusing on reform of administrative procedures, publicity and transparency; At the same time, The province solves problems to create the most favorable conditions for enterprises.

Source: Bao Binh Duong